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Longtown Auction Mart - Ewe and Lamb Sale and Breeding Cattle 22/05/2012
Sale Video and Report - The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart PLC had forward 2,201 breeding sheep at their weekly sale on Tuesday 22nd May, 2012.

Another large entry, trade dearer for all classes. 

Hoggs with singles sold to a top of £100 and £91 for Greyfaces from Messrs Ridsdale, Yew Tree, Thomas Close, Penrith, others £92 Briggle, £90 Langfield; Continental £88 High Wood, £85 Whitstonehill, £84 Reagill Grange, £82 Bayles, £80 High House; Cheviot Mule £87 High Wood; Suffolk cross £75 Whitstone Hill. 

Hoggs with twins to £72 for Greyface from Langfield. 

In the shearling section, a very good pen of Blackfaces with singles sold at £80 from The Steel Cottage; Greyface £75 Station Road; Suffolk cross £71 West Wharmley; Cheviot Mule £68 Mackside; Texel £66 Bayles. 

Shearlings with twins to £71 for Suffolk cross from West Wharmley; Texel £63 Mackside; Blackface £62 Steel Cottage; Cheviot Mule £61 Mackside.

Ewes with lambs sold to a top of £100 for Texel ewes with singles from Upper Cleugh; Suffolk cross £66 High House; Half Bred £63 Bayles; Greyface £59.50 South Mains; Hill Cheviot £53 Clover Hill; Roussin £50 Castlefairn; Blackface £48 Bridgeford, £46.50 High House. 

Ewes with twins to £71 for Texels from West Wharmley, £68 Upper Cleugh; Greyface £60 Bayles; Roussin £50 Castlefairn; Hill Cheviot £49 Castlefairn; Blackface £46 Bridgeford; Swaledale £41.50 Glendhu. 

Geld hoggs to £98 for Greyface from Fieldside, £95 Station Road, £90 Parcelstown; Texel £80 South Mains. 

The Cumberland & Dumfriesshire Farmers Mart held their Weekly Sale of Store Cattle, together with their Special May Sale of Breeding Cattle on Tuesday 22nd May, 2012. 

A larger show of 205 store cattle was forward and with mostly young grazing cattle on offer saw trade exceed expectations and was dearer than most other centres over the last two weeks. Top price of £1,015 for an Angus bullock from P.A.D. Boyle & Sons, Mallsgate Hall. 



Aberdeen Angus - £1,015, £920, £760 Mallsgate Hall.

Shorthorn - £840 (x3), £805 (x3), £790 (x2), £785 (x3), £770 (x3) Minsca.

Limousin - £875 Smithsteads, £755 (x3) Enzieholm.

British Blue - £735 Braehead.

Charolais - £715, £665 (x2) Enzieholm, £640 (x6) East Buccleuch, £635 (x10) Falnash. 


Limousin - £840 D'Mainholm, £805 Enzieholm and D'Mainholm, £790 Falnash, £710 (x2) Greensburn, £685, £670 (x2) D'Mainholm.

Charolais - £810, £790, £755 (x2) Falnash, £580 (x6) East Buccleuch, £570 Enzieholm.

Luing - £700 (x3) Commonside.

Aberdeen Angus - £665 (x2), £650, £550 (x4) Enzieholm.

Simmental - £655 (x2), £605 Bankhead.

British Blue - £610 Middlebie Rigg. 


Aberdeen Angus - £680, £555 Birchtimber Hill.

Simmental - £590 Bankhead. 

A catalogue entry of 93 Breeding Cattle was met by a flying trade with a British Blue heifer with Limousin heifer calf topping at £2,700 shown by D.E. Smith, Mossfoot, and a Limousin cow with British Blue bull calf selling at £2,500 from Mr D. Kemp, Westerleigh. 


Cows with bull calves

Limousin - £2,500 Westerleigh, £2,400, £2,300 Staffler, £1,820 Church Style, £1,600 Staffler and Dumbretton, £1,420 Midtodhills.

British Blue - £2,250 Westerleigh, £2,100 Staffler, £1,700 Midtodhills, £1,400 Staffler.

Blonde d'Aquitaine - £1,350 Campingholm.

Highland - £690, £630, £600 Greenside Lodge. 

Cows with heifer calves

British Blue - £2,250 Staffler, £1,720 (x2) Midtodhills, £1,550 Staffler, £1,450 Midtodhills

Limousin - £2,100, £1,800 Staffler, £1,600 Dumbretton, £1,550 Midtodhills, £1,400 Dumbretton.

Highland - £610 Greenside Lodge. 

Heifers with bull calves

British Blue - £2,700, £2,350 Mossfoot, £2,150, £1,700 Westerleigh. 

Heifers with heifer calves

Limousin - £1,800 Churchstyle.

In calf heifers

Limousin - £1,150 Churchstyle. 

In calf cows

Limousin - £1,100 Churchstyle.

Welsh Black - £820, £810 Whitslade. 

Bulling heifers

Limousin - £1,150 (x4), £1,130 (x3), £1,060 (x2) The Nook, £950 Rigg Smiddy. 

Breeding bulls

Bazadaise - £1,200 Patties Hill.



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